Why Dental Extractions Are Critical to Your Health

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Why Dental Extractions Are Critical to Your HealthDental extractions can prove to be of utmost importance to the overall health of the individual. There are three main ways this procedure can have a life-changing outcome.

  • Relieve pain and prevent further mouth problems. If you ignore a decayed or damaged tooth, it can lead to many more problems, such as the spread of bacteria that can harm your other teeth and gums. Removing such a tooth is important to prevent these issues and eliminate the pain you’re likely experiencing.
  • Prevent infections. Any infected teeth, such as those with periodontal disease, can cause the spread of harmful bacteria not only in the mouth, but also to other places in the body via the bloodstream, ultimately leading to infection. Removal of decayed or diseased teeth is therefore necessary to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Help in the treatment of orofacial trauma. In cases of severe orofacial trauma, such as jaw dislocations or fractures, removing damaged teeth helps to reduce pain, cut down the risk of infection and shield the client from further complications. Handling oral injuries effectively requires performing dental extractions to better the overall recovery of the patient.

At the office of Paul D. Nifong, Jr., DDS, we offer prompt dental extractions that spare our patients pain and save them from potential problems due to bad teeth. If you have a tooth that is giving you trouble, contact us today to learn whether it’s a good candidate for a tooth extraction.