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We will make a tooth extraction as comfortable and straightforward as possible.

Dentists almost always strive to help their patients keep their teeth. If a tooth is in reasonable working condition, then a good dentist will work toward keeping it. However, there are some instances in which tooth extraction becomes unavoidable, such as severe decay, overcrowding, impaction or even facial trauma. If you are in the Clemmons, North Carolina area, our team here at the dental office of Paul D. Nifong, Jr., DDS will always try to save your teeth when possible. If tooth extraction becomes necessary, we want to help put your mind at ease for the upcoming process.

Tooth Extraction in Clemmons, North Carolina

Many people are worried about the process of a tooth extraction, so we first try to alleviate any fear or concerns you might have. Especially in the cases of impacted or decaying teeth, tooth extraction can actually provide some much-needed relief along with some surgical discomfort. Because the tooth is the part holding all the nerves that are being activated through dental decay, once the tooth is removed you might feel less pain than before. The area where your tooth was removed can heal quickly, leaving you with only minimal discomfort.

We do our best to ensure that your tooth extraction process will be as comfortable as possible. We carefully and diligently numb the area where the tooth will be extracted, ensuring the numbing process will last for several hours after you leave our office. We also are able to help you with post-extraction care. If you need a tooth extraction performed or suspect you do, we want to talk with you. For more information, please contact us today.