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Digital x-ray allows for many advantages during your appointments.

Dental work and technology have come a long way since the old days of dentistry! Now, we are able to save a tooth that could previously not be saved, replace teeth with options that look and function like your natural teeth, and have been able to shorten times on certain procedures. With all these advancements in dental care, it is no wonder that x-ray technology has advanced as well. Rather than x-rays that are taken and developed like photographs, we can now use technology to take digital x-rays, which come with many advantages.

Digital X-Ray in Clemmons, North Carolina

Here at the dental office of Paul D. Nifong, Jr., DDS, we are very happy that we can use the digital x-ray process rather than more traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are safe and just as effective as traditional x-rays. You get a clear image that is almost instantly visible to both the dentist and the assistant or hygienist who is taking the image. If they need to adjust the sensor for a better view, the image tells them immediately rather than needing to wait and then restart.

In addition to clear and easy imaging, digital x-rays are easier and more convenient for both patients and dentists. Because patients don’t have to wait for the developing time, your appointments can be shorter and timelier. Since dentists no longer need to wait for physical x-rays to be mailed, if you transfer dentists, we can see your previous records immediately. Both of these things allow for better treatment and care. If you have a dental appointment coming up, we will likely use digital x-rays to improve your care. For questions or to make an appointment at our Clemmons, North Carolina office, please contact us today.