Four Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

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If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, it can typically wait a couple of days until the dentist can fit you in. However, some cases require emergency dental care and should be addressed immediately. If you’re not sure if your case is an emergency, here are the top signs that you need emergency dental care:

  1. Tooth Loss – One of the most obvious signs of emergency dental care is sudden tooth loss. Unless you are a young child who just lost their baby tooth, you should visit a dentist immediately to assess the damage done to your gums and talk about your options.

Four Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

  1. You Are in Pain – If you are having a small ache, you can probably wait for your scheduled appointment. However, if your pain is keeping you up at night and is radiating throughout your jaw or neck, you may be experiencing a serious dental issue and should visit the dentist immediately.
  2. Cracked/Broken Tooth – If your tooth suddenly cracks or breaks, visit a dentist immediately for emergency dental care. In these cases you want to be proactive in order to possibly save your tooth.
  3. Bleeding or Swelling  – Both bleeding and swelling in your gums is a sign of gum disease, but can also be a warning sign of infection in your mouth. If you are experiencing an excess amount of bleeding or swelling in your mouth, visit the dentist or the hospital immediately for severe cases.

We hope these signs have helped you identify when you need emergency dental care. If you have any questions regarding emergency dental care, or other services we provide, please contact us at the office of Paul D. Nifong, Jr., DDS.